The right Challenge for you

The right Challenge for you

Every week there is a variety of challenges, including the right one for you. The right challenge for you depends on your expertise, the challenge goal, and the challenge conditions.

First, you should ask yourself the question, “Which league do I know the best?” What kind of challenge games you choose, whether if it is a for a single game, a conference, or an entire game day, is important. Pick a challenge that gives you a structured feel for the teams and players involved.

After you decide your league, you can decide which challenge target you wish to pursue. There are six main categories to choose from:

  • The best player (highest overall score),
  • Goals & Assists,
  • Shots,
  • Ballaction,
  • Duels & Fouls,
  • Passes

After you choose the challenge target, you will then choose your player lineup. To keep things interesting, some challenges have additional restrictions. For example, in some challenges you may only select players of a certain age or market value.

Pay attention to the goal
of each Challenge!

As you play more, you will gain experience and figure out which goals suit you best, which goals to pursue and which goals to avoid. For example, suppose you have a good feeling about a Bundesliga conference challenge in which your team must have the highest score. You have done your research, you know the teams inside and out, and maybe your favorite team is playing. You feel very confident your team will get the most points.

However, what if the goal is “Most Successful Passes?” It could become harder to gauge how well your lineup will do. Will you take a risk and play in the challenge? Or will you play it safe and wait for a goal that better suits your expertise.

You should also be mindful of the challenge conditions. Challenges can become more difficult with these conditions by limiting which kinds of players are available. For example, one challenge condition is you are only allowed to use players who received less than 5 points the last time they played. Another condition limits the players by club, i.e only allowing two players max from each club. These complications keep things interesting, and are an incentive for some to play the challenge. On the other hand, players with a set lineup may find themselves overwhelmed by the restrictions. Again, you decide if the challenge is worth the risk.

Always check the challenge conditions, make sure they fit your playstyle!

The fourth thing to consider is the three different kinds of winning: “Winner Take All,” “Top 3,” and “50:50.”

“Winner Takes All” is the riskiest, but with the highest reward. The single winner is awarded the entire pot!

The middle ground is the “Top 3,” where the top three winners share the pot. (1st place = 50%, 2nd place = 30%, and 3rd place = 20%)

The “50:50” challenge is the most safe, but also has the smallest rewards. The upper 50% receive the pot, distributed evenly. This is a small reward, and in cases where too many players have to share the pot, may result in a loss of coins.

There are three different ways to win – what risks are you willing to take?

You can earn more Stars and Coins if you follow these steps and figure out which challenge is best suited for you. You will develop a feel for the game the more you play, so do not be discouraged when you first start.

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