Tips for winning Challenges

Tips for winning Challenges

When you begin to win challenges, you can quickly increase your Coins and Stars. To win, it is important you select challenges you are sure you can do better in than the competition. Expertise and precise analysis are important for success. For example, say one player from your lineup does not play very well. This can cost you valuable points and ultimately, your success in the challenge.

You should also keep an eye on each individual player. In challenges that focus on “most duels” or “most successful passes,” the player’s position and the way they play have a huge impact. For example, if a challenge asks you to choose two midfielders that will fight the most duels, it would make more sense to play more defensive-minded midfielders instead of wing midfielders. The defensive players would most likely fight more duels in the center, which would earn you more points.

The player’s playing time is also important. A player who is only on the field for 15 minutes will usually have fewer tackles than a player who competes the full 90 minutes. Therefore, it is important to know how often a player is switched in/out, or if he is the undisputed starter.

The challenge is “which midfielders will fight the most duels?”

The central and defensive midfielders will be the most helpful because they should be in the most duels

More information on lineups can come from media reports or announcement by coaches at press conferences. Therefore, a final check of your lineup should be carried out near the end of the time limit. By keeping your information and lineup up to date, you can minimize the chance of nasty surprises

We also recommend that you take a look at each opponent and make decisions based on the pairings. For example, the challenge is “most successful passes,” and you want to use players from Hertha BSC. If Hertha BSC play Hanover at home, it makes sense to include Vladimir Darida in your lineup. Hertha BSC is likely to have plenty of possession in this game, so Darida should pass a lot. However, if Hertha BSC plays against Bayern Munich, Bayern will possess the ball more and Darida would be a bad choice for this challenge. Often, home games and away games result in very different statistics.

So when choosing your lineup, keep in mind the individual players, their play styles, their playing time, the team’s formation, the strength of the opponent, and who is playing at home.

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