All you need to know about Coins

All you need to know about Coins

Coins can be used in manager mode to purchase various items that will give you a small advantage in your manager duties. For example, with 20 Coins you can purchase a bench seat. This would be very useful if a player from your starting formation is injured or plays less than ten minutes.

Here is an overview of all the functions you can unlock with Coins:

In Manager Mode

  • 5 Coins  purchase an additional answer attempt for the Question of the Day
  • 15 Coins – Bid Assistant (will pay the lowest possible price automatically until it reaches a maximum limit)
  • 20 Coins – Unlock the 1st bench spot (this allows you to insert a substitute player)
  • 10 Coins – Unlock the 2nd bench spot
  • 5 Coins – Unlock the 3rd and 4th bench spots
  • 10 Coins  The Scout (will search for a player based off specific criteria)
  • 20 Coins – The Sports Director (allows you to see the transfer list for 48 hours, as opposed to the standard 24 hour period)
  • The Coin cost for Instant Sale has a basic fee of 10 Coins, plus 1 additional Coin per € 100,000 Player Market Value

In Challenge Mode, Coin usage is a bit easier. Pay between 10 and 250 Coins to enter into paid challenges. Naturally, if you win the challenge, you will receive a reward back. Usually you will receive a Coin reward, but for some other challenges you will win Stars, which can be used to purchase real products in the Reward Shop.

In addition, we also offer free challenges, which allow you to participate without paying a fee.

In the daily Free Challenge, you can prove your expertise and win 10 Coins

You can also buy coins at any time in the in-game Shop. The different Coin packages are staggered so that the most Coin value comes from the most expensive package. Here are the following purchase options:

  • Entry level-Package,165 Coins for 2,99 €
  • Youth Player-Package, 300 Coins for 4,99 €
  • Amateur-Package, 620 Coins for 9,99 €
  • Professional-Package, 1150 Coins for 17,99 €
  • Expert-Package, 3000 Coins for 44,99 €

Our Tip

Every day, we will have a free challenge for you, with a reward of 10 Coins. There is no cost, so we recommend you always do them. In addition, you can also earn Coins by winning game days in your leagues. 

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