So you want to become a Star Millionaire

So you want to become a Star Millionaire

Stars are the currency of Football – Stars, that allow you to see real life results from your efforts. If you take part in certain challenges, you can win Stars and use them to purchase great rewards.

And how do you become a Star Stud? By playing as many challenges as possible – and, of course, performing well. As a reward for your efforts, you will receive Stars. We give you some advice in the “Tips for Winning Challenges,” so check that out and start winning those Stars!

Keep in mind that you will not receive Stars for every challenge. We have three different rewards:

  • Only Coins
  • Only Stars
  • Coins and Stars

The challenges that reward you with both Coins and Stars do not include a large amount of Stars, because you are also receiving Coins. If you have a large Coin amount and just want to obtain Stars, then you should focus on challenges that reward Stars only.

Have a lot of Coins but not enough Stars? No worries, there are plenty of challenges that will reward you with only Stars

You can receive the most Stars by winning a “Winner takes all” challenge. As the name suggests, only the winner will receive the prize pool. There is no reward for second place! These challenges are also the hardest to win because you will be competing against 19 other users.

On the other hand, “50:50” challenges are much easier and have a larger win percentage, but do not reward a large amount of Stars. We recommend the “Top 3” challenges. If you get 3rd place in these challenges, you win about the same amount as a “50:50” challenge, but if you take 2nd or 1st place, you will be rewarded much more Stars. 

Every now and then, we also have events that feature special challenges. In these events, more than 20 users are allowed to participate, and the rewards are much higher. Some even have unique winnable bonuses, so be sure to keep an eye out for these events. The more challenges you play, the greater your chance to earn Stars. Every Star you earn brings you one step closer to getting your desired reward from the Shop.

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