What’s in the Shop?

What's in the Shop?

The Shop has three Sub-Shops:

The Coin Shop

The Coin Shop offers you the opportunity to replenish your Coins. There are five different Coin Packages. The more expensive the package, the more value you will get from purchasing it. For a complete list of the offered Coin Packages, see “Everything you need to know about Coins.”

The Premium Shop

Collected plenty of Stars? Then check out the Premium Shop! In the Premium Shop, we have items for differing amounts of Stars. You can get everything from a key ring for 500 Stars to an Apple Watch Sport for 37,000 Stars. You can also exchange Stars for Coins. Stars are only available through challenges that require a Coin buy-in. For more information about Stars, see “So you want to become a Star millionaire.”

We have a large selection in the Premium Shop. What is your favorite?


The Premium-Account offers you a large amount of added value, especially in Manager Mode. You can purchase a Premium-Account for 30 days or for the entire season. The advantages are:

  • 10 formations, compared to the standard 5
  • 5  simultaneous sales on the transfer market, compared to 2 sales
  • A much bigger squad (24 players instead of 16)
  • More auction lengths (5 instead of 1) – so you can sell players within 4 hours as opposed to the standard 24 hours
  • Detailed Premium Statistics
  • A completely ad-free gaming experience

With a Premium-Account, you have much more freedom as manager

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