All Items and their functions

Alle Items und ihre Funktionen

The Scout
You can hire a scout and specify which criteria you are looking for in a player. He will notify you as soon as a player matching the criteria enters the transfer market. When the scout has found the player, the scout retires. For new player searches, you have to hire a new scout.

The scout offers you different search criteria, so you can find the right player for your team.

The Sports Director
Normally in the transfer market, you will see the players who will be on sale the next 24 hours. With the Sports Director, you can view the transfer market for the next 48 hours, allowing you to plan long term transfers.

The Bench
In some games, it is possible one of your starting players is played for below ten minutes for a variety of reasons. Normally, this player would then receive zero points – unless you have activated your bench and have a player in that spot. Then that bench player would automatically jump in and generate points for your team. However, there is a catch. The system only works per position, so a striker in the starting eleven that does not play can only be replaced by a bench player that is also a striker. You can also put several players on the bench for the same position if you have several shaky candidates in the same position. In this case, the player furthest left on the bench will be activated first.

With the bench, you can account for injured, locked, or unused players in your starting formation

The Bid Assistant
The Bid Assistant helps you bid on a player between a set amount. You tell the Bid Assistant what amount you are willing to bid, and he will automatically outbid other managers until you buy the player or the maximum bid limit you set is reached.

Instant Sale
If you really want to get rid of a player, you can use instant sale. This is particularly useful if you have a full squad, but a player you want becomes available on the transfer market. Sometimes there is not enough time to sell your players before the end of the game day countdown. You can prevent getting half or no points on the day of play with an instant sale. An instant sale costs a flat rate of 10 Coins as well as one more Coin per 100.000 € market value of your player.

Instant sale allows you to immediately direct sale a player at market value. The coin price depends on their current market value. For example, if a player is worth € 2 million, you will pay 30 coins to instant sell that player

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