Leading your team to the title

Leading your team to the title

It is a long and rocky road to get to the top of the league and defend the top until the last day. To begin, it is important that you focus on hiring players for your starting lineup, and that they are set for the upcoming matches. It is not always easy to predict what will happen before the season starts, so in the first couple games we recommend the use of bench seats. During the season, you can use the total score to gauge how frequently a player is used in a team. We recommend doing research on “ligainsider.de” or “trasfermarkt.de” to see if the specific player was utilized in the team’s regular formation.

If a player has a yellow cross, that means that player is questionable. He may be injured or put in matches irregularly. If you have a replacement on the squad that is relatively similar, you could play the replacement instead. However, if the player in question is a star on your team, it may make more sense to play him anyway because of the possible points. However, there is a risk that the player will not be used and you will earn zero points for that player. You could minimize this risk by activating a bench seat and making the substitute a player that you are sure will play. This bench seat player will replace the player in question if they do not score you any points.

Is a player battered and / or did not play last time? Consider not playing him or securing the spot with a backup bench seat.

Another important consideration is the choosing the right captain. Whoever is chosen to be captain, their points will be doubled on the day of play. You would want to choose the player you think will obtain the most overall points in the match as your captain, that way those points are doubled. An example from personal experience: Paul Pogba was the captain of my team for two games in a row. With a goal in the first game and two assists in the second, he doubled his already strong score and brought me victory twice. In order to not miss out on this bonus, you should be sure that whoever your captain is actually plays. A captain can be replaced by a bench player on match day, but the substitute will not receive the double point bonus. Only your chosen captain receives this point bonus.

Choosing the right captain can decide whether you win or lose. Really consider which player you want to receive the double point bonus for the upcoming matches.

Lastly, one more important piece of advice. If you click on your lineup on the Football Stars website, you will see the match schedule. This information should be considered when you are choosing your lineup. For example, say you have Vedad Ibisevic from Hertha BSC as a striker on your team. During this week’s matches, Hertha BSC plays at home against Stuttgart. Hertha BSC has good odds to win, so you would want to consider putting Ibisevic in your lineup, as he has a better chance for a strong individual performance, goals, and other positive actions. You may even want to make him your captain.

Now the week after, Hertha BSC will play at Borussia Dortmund. Hertha’s chances of winning are much lower, which also means that Ibisevic may not have an outstanding performance. So you should consider not playing Ibisevic in your lineup that week. If you have Jhon Córdoba from 1. FC Köln as a substitute and they play at home against Hamburger SV, then you should consider starting Jhon in your lineup on matchday.

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