Ranking Challenges – How does it work?

Ranking Challenges - How does it work?

All 64 World Cup Games have a Ranking Challenge. These challenges have no participation fee or participation limit. Everyone can join in and prove their skills.

So invite your friends and see who’s doing the best in the World Cup. In addition to the usual Stars and Coins, you can earn Ranking Points, and climb up the leaderboars to receive awesome prizes.

The Format:
Unlike normal challenges, you choose a team to form your lineup. In the spirit of the World Cup, only players on the same national team can play together.

You will receive Ranking Points based off how many points your final formation scores. If you have chosen the victorious national team , you will also receive a Multiplier-Bonus. In case of a draw, no mutiplier will be applied and only the points scored will be counted towards your ranking.

The Leaderboards:
It’s all about setting yourself apart from the competition over the course of the World Cup. Every participant earns Ranked Points, however it will vary based off how well you do in the challenges. Which team will win the match? Which players will have the most influence? Use your knowledge and expertise to climb up the leaderboard. 

Groups A-H each have their own seperate leaderboard. Ranking points that you collect within a group are also noted with the corresponding ranking. For the Knockout-Phase, the same principle applies, so the Knockout-Phase also has it’s own leaderboard. 

Finally there is an overall ranking, that adds together the total score from all 64 ranking challenges, including the Group phase and the knockout games.
At the end, the overall rankings will determine what prizes you will receive. And best of all, there is something for everyone!

In-game Rewards:
Through the Ranking Challenges, you can earn attractive in-game items, such as lucrative Coin- and Star-Packages, or Premium Accounts with coveted Avatars and World Cup-Titles, which you can use to show off your accomplishments. Your ranking is irrelevant, all that counts is your ranking points from all ranking challenges. 

The Prizes are divided into different levels.  Depending on the number of points you have scored, you will receive prizes based off the respective prize level. 

There is much more!
These great in-game rewards are not everything. Earn yourself other strong achievements during the World Cup and reward yourself with other great prizes. 

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