Ranking Challenges – The Prizes!

Ranking Challenges - The Prizes!

With the Group prizes you are competing with everyone for cool prizes. Here, your place in the overall rankings is relevant. However, the eight Group winners from Groups A-H as well as the  Top 3 from the Knockout-Phase can look foward to awesome prizes as well.

The main prizes ,however, go only to the 10 best players with the most Ranking Points from all the Ranking Challenges. 

1st Place:
The grand winner can look forward to a trip to Madird! We will pay for the flight and overnight lodging. We have also arranged a Meet & Greet with Luís Figo for you. As a cherry on top, you can witness a  Real Madrid home game at the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu!


2nd Place:
Even though you didn’t quite make it to the top of the rankings, we are still going to treat you like a world champion. If you take 2nd place, you earn yourself a  DFB-Jersey, in which our boys hopefully grab the World Cup trophy and earn their fifth star.

3rd Place:
Third place gets some great prizes too! There is a  jersey including a baseball cap of the reigning European Champions, Portugal, waiting for you. It also comes with something special: the autograph of a real Champions League Winner! No one less than Luís Figo has immortalized himself here. 


4th – 10th Place:
You may have missed the podium, so naturally the prize is a wood medal, right? Maybe in the World Cup, but not here! The 4th to 10th Places can look forward to taking home fan apparel from the DFB-Camp or a stylish Kicker-Hoodie.

Group and Knockout Phase:
Run out of steam after the grueling group games? Or you joined during the thrilling Knockout games? No problem! All eight Group winners from Groups A – H as well as the Top 3 from the Knockout-Phase can look forward to a Kicker-voucher worth 10 €.


Don’t forget! 
Ranking Challenges are free to play and have no participant limit. This means that every participant is rewarded and has a chance to receive attractive prizes or great in-game rewards. Invite your friends, cheer your team along, and show the world which of you is the best national coach!

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