The Seasonal Transition

The Seasonal Transition

The current manager season of Football – Stars ended last weekend with the final match days. You’re probably wondering: How will my squad continue next season? When exactly does the season transition start? Which options are available to me and the individual leagues? Don’t worry, we will answer all your questions!

For private leagues

Altogether, there are three different transition options for private leagues that you and your colleagues can choose from. By no later than Sunday, June 30th, the league admins must have set up the desired transition, and all managers need to have made their player selections in their lineups.

If your league admin is inactive or you have some qualms, feel free to contact Football-Stars-Support at any time. After the 31. May no new players will appear on the transfer market.

Dream squad
In this transition option, each manager can select and take a complete starting 11  into the new season. The players – similar to match days – must be stored in the lineup. Each managers account balance will be set to zero, and everyone will receive € 20m, € 40m or € 60m (depending on prior league setting) plus € 10m extra. However, the market value of the desired players will be subtracted. If less than 11 players are selected, your team starts without a line up into the new season.

Top 4
In this transition option, all managers are allowed to keep 4 of their previous players for their squad next season. The players must be stored in the (free) bench spots. Everyone’s account balance will be deleted and each manager will receive € 20 million, € 40 million or € 60 million (depending on previous league settings) plus € 5 million extra. The market value of the desired players for transition will be substracted from this amount. If less than four players were selected, the manager will start without a squad into the new season. 

New Start
The previous lineup will be completely deleted and each manager will be assigned a team of 15 new players or the team will remain empty (depending on previous league settings).

Help for the Admin
On the screenshots down below you can see a step-by-step tutorial for an easy and smooth transition. Just go to your league, select “settings” and look for the option “Season transition”. You can now decide for the way you want the transition to happen.

Official Leagues
Unlike private leagues, each club and squad is completely removed in official leagues, so you can join a new league at the start of the season. Each manager gets a team of 15 new players. Their account balance will also be deleted and each participant will receive € 40 million, minus the market value of the players added.

Now it’s your turn!
Each private league can individually decide which transition they think is best for them. Chat with your fellow league members through the news feature on the league homepage and vote before the admin makes the final decision within the league settings. 

Each transition has its own pros and cons, but in the end the only thing that matters is the excitement that comes with the beginning of a new season. Have fun with our World Cup Challenges, and we wish you great success in the new season!

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