Tips for maximum success in the World Cup

World Cup time equals winning time! As a Football-Stars lover, you have been busy participating in our new Ranking-Challenges.  The benefits are pretty clear – you can play for free. However, you may have noticed winning is much harder due to the higher number of participants.

So, if you want to earn more Coins, we recommend that you play certain selected challenges rather than use all your coins on every challenge. The number of participants is significantly lower, which increases your chance of winning. In addition, there is always the chance to earn cool Stars, which you can redeem in the Reward Shop. Our tip: concentrate on challenges that feature teams you are familiar with, and can safely bet Coins on.

Even greater gains come in our “You vs. kicker”-Challenges, which usually take place weekly. If you win these duels against “kicker,” you are automatically placed in a pot for a chance to win a hot prize. Currently, for the World Cup, you can receive high quality DFB-Merchandise.

One last thing: You can edit your lineup in all World Cup Challenges until just before kickoff. If you like to watch the World Cup in a beer garden, Fan Mile, or bar, we recommend the Football Stars Challenges App on iOS- and Android. If you live in Berlin, here are some tips for public viewing!

We wish you and your friends the best of luck and much joy in facing our challenges during the World Cup! 🙂

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