“YOU vs. kicker” Challenges

"YOU vs kicker"-Challenges

Your favorite series will continue, and it’s better than ever! In “YOU vs. kicker,” set up your top team to compete against the editors of the kicker Sports Magazine. All you have to do is outscore the editors. Do you think you can win against the experts?

Where can I find the kicker team’s information?
Just visit us at our kicker Website. Here you can find the current line-up in the section “Challenge Mode – Last Articles.”

Do I get anything?
Yes you will! For every “YOU vs. kicker” challenge, a Great Prize awaits the winner. You can find out the prize in our current article. We will inform the winner (s) via e-mail.

World Cup final: France – Croatia (4:2)

World Cup semi-final: France – Belgium (1:0)

World Cup quarterfinal: Brazil – Belgium (1:2)

World Cup Round of 16: Brazil – Mexico (2:0)

World Cup Matchday 3: Group E & F

World Cup Game 2: Germany – Sweden (2:1)

World Cup Game 1: Germany – Mexico (0:1)

Test Game: Austria-Germany (2:1)


DFB-Cup Final

BL-Matchday 34

BL-Matchday 33

Bayern – Frankfurt

Dortmund – Leverkusen

Schalke – Dortmund

Leipzig – Leverkusen

Bayern – Dortmund

Leipzig – Bayern

Leverkusen – M’gladbach

Leipzig – Dortmund

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